Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gaming rant of week!

Gaming rant of week!

I stopped reading on the first line of many game related posts because it was just one line to read:

  1. You clearly aren't a patient gamer.
  2. You actually have nothing to say that is of importance to me
  3. You posted about Star Wars: The Old Republic or any other game being to hard or boring

And this is my reply:

  • Your gear is inferior
  • Get better gear
  • A bit more then narrow thinking will do the trick
  • It is not the games fault that you have a short attention span
  • Not all are power gamers


  • Get multiple sets of gear for multiple situations or use another build
  • Start a crafting proffession to get new gear
  • Take a break from the game and wait for new content to be released


Once u done all this then you might have had a wonderful game experience, but then start complain about "hey, I got these items and I cannot win no matter what in Hard Mode Flashpoints and Operations in the game"

I guess the same is happening here...

Why are undergeared / unaugmented people with ridiculous gear equipped whining?! Because they want to beat the game, without the effort...

And they also want an "I Win Button".

Stop being LAZY damn it.

Enough said, many are pure examples of a lazy player, that want everything served on a silverplate and an "I Win Button", or just have a really short attention span but you might also be one of the power gamers that did grind through the content with a multigaming hardcore guild in a breeze.


Here are some tips and tricks to you all ///

  • I thought leveling up was difficult, I joined an active guild, it did become really easy to find groups and made the leveling up easy.
  • I thought that the Hard Mode Flashpoints were hard, I geared up in Story Mode Flashpoints, it is now easy.
  •  I thought that Storymode Operations were hard, I geared up in Hard Mode Flashpoints, it is now easy.
  • I thought that Hard Mode Operations were difficult, I geared up in Hard Mode Flashpoints and Story Mode Operations, it is much easier, but somewhat tough.

I simply do NOT want the game to be ruined by 1 button mashers and people without good thinking.

I love a challenge but since some other MMORPG's have dumbed down their games and it seems to be the new norm and I dislike it, it has become way too easy. And because of that the players in any game demand dumbed down and easy games with an "I Win Button"!

I can only hope that the same will not happen to Star Wars: The Old Republic or any future MMORPG.


If, you will get better gear then your current(and yes, that gear is available), and when you understand the mechanics a bit better, because you will need that knowledge in the Hard Mode Operations and Flashpoints, there will be a challenge and I think that is great.

And, if you people will start to demand the game to be less difficult and get it dumbed down then we all will get bored and the game experience will be absolutelly ruined and the game will die, atleast for me.

DO not KILL the game !


Just be bloody patient, join a active guild, gear up, learn your class better and you will see that everything is much easier and a whole lot more fun.


I know that there is many gamers that just do not like some games because it is not what they expected from the game. And I can understand that. 

But when you see post after post with lines like "Damn what a boring game (insert game title)", "The PvP sucks in (insert game title)" or any other one liner complaint about any game and no other explanation why the game was boring or had bad PvP.

Do they expect me to reply with a question why they thought it was boring or why the PvP did suck, it is not exactly an invite to post a reply to.